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Posted on Wed Oct 1 08:00:00 CDT 2014 by Savanni D'Gerinel

Window Altar, 2012 Window Altar, 2012
Summer Altar, 2013 Autumn Altar, 2013

Here are some pictures of altars from the Toltec Center from previous years. We have a wonderful woman in charge of making a new altar to honor the changing of the seasons. These come from Winter of 2012 and from Summer and Autumn of 2013.

In other news, I've managed to get my old HDR toolchain (using pfstools and whatnot) working again! I'll start generating images again and start posting new HDR shots next week, probably starting with Winter of 2013 and Spring, Summer, and Autumn of 2014. And I'll step up the process of reposting all of my old portfolio images.


Equinox Selfie, 2014-09

Posted on Sun Sep 28 17:30:00 CDT 2014 by Savanni D'Gerinel

Justice, 2014-02

New selfie. 2014-09-27, f/2.8, ISO 1600, 1/320s, 50mm

Sure, Equinox was on the 22nd or 23rd this year, but we at the Toltec Center were busy with a retreat. So, we celebrated Equinox late. I got all dressed up, as is my custom, and since they have decent lighting and a full-length mirror there, it was time for a new selfie.

Disappointingly, I'm seeing some definite high-ISO noise in this shot.


Hacker School, part 2

Posted on Mon Sep 8 20:45:00 CDT 2014

I just withdrew my application to the Hacker School.

I am going to drink some and watch a movie. Tomorrow I'm going to start searching for companies interesting enough to catch my attention, or interested in having me do Haskell work.

And that is pretty much all I'm going to say about it.



Posted on Tue Aug 26 12:30:00 CDT 2014 by Savanni D'Gerinel

In which Washburn attempts to defend me from the dangers of my mouse.


Communication Fragmentation

Posted on Wed Aug 20 16:30:00 CDT 2014 by Savanni D'Gerinel

By "communication fragmentation", I refer to the massive overwhelming tidal waves of ways to communicate with people.

I hate it.

It's not that I dislike being able to communicate with a lot of people, it's that I have to check ten or more different locations! I've tried limiting down to just a few, tried teaching people who want to communicate with me to look at those few, but it doesn't really work. And the worst part is that I'm really an emailer. I don't much like the super-short-form communication, and broadcast-style communication, encouraged in Facebook, G+, and the other modern systems.

But, Google has decided I'm a spammer. I basically can't reliably email anyone I don't know. I can't even email the mailing lists at the Hacker School, which I'll be attending in just a month. My emails automatically go to Gmail spam or get rejected as a "bulk sender". Since Google has no "customer support", I don't know that I'll ever be able to resolve this, either. And so, when I send a thorough, thought-out email to someone, I don't know if the lack of reply is because it got spamboxed, they haven't checked their email in a week, or because they haven't been able to answer yet.

Obviously, as much as I love email, email is dead. At least, it is for me.

So, is anyone working on a reliable replacement? Preferably something more resistant to spam-bombing than email was, and with an easier time of verifying sender identities. I could come up with a scheme for such a system, but why bother when gaining adoption would be almost impossible?


From a Garden Party

Posted on Wed Aug 20 08:00:00 CDT 2014

All four of these pictures are some old ones from my previous HDR work. The only thing they have in common is that they are all from a party that I went to some years ago. I wanted to get them back up, though, because I like all of them.

I really miss having a working HDR toolchain. I'm getting closer to having something working with Illuminance, but it's taking forever.


Portland, 2011

Posted on Wed Aug 13 08:00:00 CDT 2014 by Savanni D'Gerinel

I took over six hundred photographs during a week when I visited Portland in 2011. These are the ones that have survived, being interesting enough that I processed them long ago.


Friends, 2013

Posted on Wed Aug 6 08:00:00 CDT 2014 by Savanni D'Gerinel

A group of my Toltec friends, all from a party back in 2013. I was just getting the hang of my new camera at the time and remain pretty pleased with how these pictures turned out. The white balance is not actually off in these pictures, as I wanted to capture the effect of the sodium-vapor lamps that light the area around the old Cheer Up Charlies.


Flags, 2014-07

Posted on Sun Jul 13 20:30:00 CDT 2014 by Savanni D'Gerinel

New Flags

Home, 2014-07-13, f/4.5, ISO 400, 1/100s, 25mm

My old set of flags finally bit the dust. There is damage on one of them that I can't stop, and it gets worse every time I fly them. This set took only an hour to cut, fold, and color, and then they had seven hours for the color to cure. They dried in less than fifteen minutes. I hope to get my hands on a sewing machine some time in the next couple of days and want to have these ready to fly by Friday.

In case you are wondering why there has been no new HDR photography in a long while...

Luminance-HDR is now totally broken. Every image I generate with it has a precise square of discoloration in the middle third of the image. This is not a problem with my camera, as I have actually gotten the same results from photographs I took a few years ago on my old camera. This is the most mysterious of all bugs, and it has ended my patience with Luminance.

My own software is not complete. I have the math problem set up, but get back the wrong answer every time. I may have to start munging the answer to get it right. In the interim, I'm going to track down the source for pfshdrcalibrate and get it compiled. I'll revive my old toolchain, which really did serve me well for a couple of years.


Change of plans... again

Posted on Wed Jul 2 10:45:00 CDT 2014 by Savanni D'Gerinel

Plans change. Mine are changing generally faster than I like. But for the last year I have been having trouble figuring out where to go next and what to do next. Admittedly, the simply physical "where" I have a handle on in that I am heading for Oregon, but whe bigger picture "where" was invisible to me.

Today, a change of plans.

I will, instead of heading to Oregon, spend this autumn in the Hacker School in New York.

You can't see me, but I'm trying not to just explode right now.

I have a whole checklist of things that I have to do to see to it that my life is properly preserved while I'm gone. I'm not taking everything with me, and it occurrs to me that this may be yet another opportunity to figure out what is important for me to keep and what else I should get rid of.

I also think I do not want to continue living out in the woods of Texas for the remaining months. I'm paid up through the end of this month, but I kind of think that I want to spend August and September actually inside of Austin. Something I will need to look in to, really.